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Environmental Engineering
Chemical wastewater

1, Features:

(1) the chemical composition of waste water such as fine chemicals, complex, high color, by-products and more chemical waste water substances are usually generated by the high temperature and pressure, the reaction of raw materials are often solvents or ring structure of the compound, increasing the difficulty of wastewater treatment;
(2) high levels of pollutants in waste water, toxic and harmful substances, fine chemicals, pesticides and other chemical production process halogen compounds, nitro compounds, with a bactericidal effect of the dispersant or surfactant;
(3) chemical wastewater usually need to use the acid or alkali substances, after the neutralization reaction will produce large amounts of salt, wastewater treatment process commonly used biochemical processing has a huge impact.

2, chemical wastewater treatment measures:

1. MVR multi-effect evaporation is used to recycle or separate the salt in waste water.
2. Using micro-electrolysis, Fenton, ozone and other wastewater pretreatment, the wastewater "open-chain, open-loop" to reduce toxicity and improve biodegradability.
3. The use of enhanced biochemical treatment, so that wastewater can be stable standards, reduce operating costs.

3, typical engineering examples

Yancheng Shengda Chemical Co., Ltd.

Heze City Derui spices Limited
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