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Environmental Engineering
Papermaking wastewater


Papermaking wastewater generally has the characteristics of high pollutant load, complex composition and some pollutants with more stable molecular structure. Wastewater contains lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose and other biodegradable substances, biodegradable, are more difficult to deal with the high concentration of organic wastewater.

On the basis of the traditional processing technology, according to the characteristics and requirements of different projects to design targeted solutions, and more successful application of the project itself.

Solution 1: anaerobic reactor
Anaerobic reactor characteristics:
1. Automatic pulse water distribution, saving energy consumption;
2. Uniform water distribution, no dead ends of the flow;
3. Optimize the mixing performance of fluid mixing, so that the muddy water mixing reaction;
4. Start time is short, easy operation and management.

Typical solution 2: Internal circulation anaerobic reactor
Characteristics of the internal circulation anaerobic reactor:
1. Compact reactor, small footprint;
2. High-load operation, high efficiency;
3. Air stripping principle to achieve internal circulation, wireless components and external driving power;
4. Start time is short, a high degree of automation.
5. Effective generation and recycling of biogas, reduce system operating costs.

Typical solution three: the depth of the catalytic oxidation technology
Advanced oxidation technology for advanced treatment:
1. Unique water distribution system to pharmaceutical and waste water to facilitate the operation and management to achieve complete mixing, no dead zone;
2. Automated chain control; save pharmaceutical consumption.

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