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Environmental Engineering
Municipal wastewater


The main source of municipal wastewater is domestic sewage, which is usually produced by people's daily life activities, mainly living waste and human excreta, including wastewater from kitchen washing, showering, laundry and flushing toilets. Characteristics of water, suspended solids concentration is high, suspended solids containing pathogens, organic matter, phytonutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.).

      Typical solution: Modified A / O process

      The superiority of municipal wastewater treatment process is obvious:
      1. Its excellent water distribution, saving mechanical agitator use, optimize the sewage and sludge mass transfer       efficiency;
      2. Has significant nitrification and nitrification, in order to achieve the purpose of denitrification;
      3. At the same time both plug flow and full mixing of the advantages of the reaction pool;

For residential sewage to provide integrated processing equipment, the device has a short construction period, start fast, easy operation and management,
Maintenance is simple and so on. Can be placed indoors or outdoors, can also be buried in the ground, with the district greening facilities.

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