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A Case Study of a Battalion in Inner
A Case Study of a Battalion in Inner
A Case Study of a Battalion in Inner
A Case Study of a Battalion in Inner

Inner Mongolia battalion of a unit
Inner Mongolia, a camp area is located in the Inner Mongolia Helan Mountain, due to the remote water resources are more tense, so the relevant leaders under the requirements of the camps of sewage generated after treatment should meet the basic requirements of irrigation straight row.
After the relevant staff for multi-party comparison, I commissioned the company to create an integrated sewage treatment equipment to deal with the camping area of sewage. The technical staff of the company and the owners repeated communication, and ultimately decided to adopt: regulating pool - the rate of biochemical pool - the middle of the pool - multi-media filter - chlorine dioxide disinfection process of the campsite wastewater treatment, the process is characterized by no residual Sludge, simple operation, the characteristics of stable water, the test, the effluent can reach a discharge standard, has been put into use through the relevant acceptance.

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